Canadian government lifts retaliatory tariffs on boats

NMMA Canada and the Canadian Marine Trades Associations were recently advised by the Government of Canada that effective April 30, 2019, all retaliatory tariffs on U.S. recreational boats entering Canada have been removed.

A joint statement from NMMA Canada and NMMA said this marks the most positive development for the industry since the tariff issues first emerged.

The action from the Government of Canada removes the following boat-related HTC codes from the list of goods subjected to the surtaxes:

  • 8902.10.00
  • 8903.91.00
  • 8903.92.00
  • 8903.99.90

According to the news release, all boats imported on or after April 30, 2019, are no longer subject to retaliatory tariffs and at this time, the government will not issue rebates or refunds for surtaxes paid on boats prior to the action.

“We are thrilled the Canadian government heard our concerns and addressed them head on,” the release said. “Together, the boating industry worked tirelessly to raise awareness of the unintended consequences that the tariffs and countermeasures were causing boating businesses.”

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