Boston Whaler celebrates two million hours without a lost time incident

Boston Whaler’s dedication to employee safety has resulted in a major milestone: the company logged two million hours without a lost time incident. These accident-free hours represent approximately 12 months’ time.

“I would like to congratulate and thank everyone who made this achievement possible,” said President Nick Stickler. “Boston Whaler is committed to the well-being of our employees — safety is more than just a priority, it’s a part of our culture. It’s a commitment to each other that we renew every single day.”

Boston Whaler strives to maintain a supportive, teamwork-oriented atmosphere that encourages employees to look out for one another. New employees go through many hours of training to learn safety procedures and protocols as part of Whaler’s Touchpoint Program, and are supported with one-on-one and group mentoring throughout the onboarding period. Team leaders and supervisors are well-versed in OSHA regulations, and a dedicated cross-departmental Safety Committee is trained in first aid, CPR and other key competencies.

“Safety is about more than handing over a pamphlet or showing a video,” said Stickler. “It requires focused time and attention, as well as the ongoing support of the organization. Reaching two million hours without incident reflects everyone’s efforts.”

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