Lowrance releases LiveSight Sonar technology

Lowrance recently announced that its Lowrance LiveSight Sonar transducer will be available for consumer purchase in May 2019. 

Immediately compatible with Lowrance HDS LIVE displays, LiveSight Sonar gives users the ability to track lure and fish movements in real time with a wider coverage area and at greater distances. LiveSight Sonar offers a complement to Active Imaging, which provides high-resolution Side and DownScan Imaging for finding structure. 
The base LiveSight Sonar transducer for HDS LIVE will ship with three mounting brackets, giving anglers the flexibility to mount the transducer as needed. 

When LiveSight Sonar is mounted forward-looking on the trolling motor shaft, anglers can cast a lure into the sonar beam and track the lure’s presentation, as well as fish movement.
When mounted downward-facing on the trolling motor or transom, LiveSight Sonar provides anglers with a real-time as well as a traditional sonar view. 

When combining LiveSight Sonar forward-looking trolling mount with the Lowrance Point-1 GPS antenna, an on-chart indicator shows the direction the transducer is pointed, allowing anglers to line up on a waypoint or pinpoint the area they are fishing.

“We are excited to deliver LiveSight Sonar for our HDS LIVE users,” said Leif Ottosson, CEO, Navico. “The detail and incredible situational awareness provided by seeing moving images in real-time gives anglers a new understanding of what is below and ahead of their boat for an unprecedented fishing advantage.”


  1. What graphs will this work on? I have an HDS 9 gen 2 touch. Will it work on this graph or do I need an entirely new graph

    • Alexander Stojadinovic

      You will need a new graph. It’s only compatible with the HDS live or HDS Carbon units with an interface they will have

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