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Mercury Marine launches new MercCrusier Jet Ready inboard engine

Mercury Marine recently announced the launch of the new MerCruiser V8 6.2L 370hp Jet Ready inboard engine. The new Jet Power Inboard uses MerCruiser’s 6.2L small block V8 powerplant in an inboard configuration and has a tailstock in place of a transmission to allow for an easy connection to a jet pump via a jackshaft. 

“This engine provides boat builders, dealers and consumers with a Mercury inboard jet option that provides easy integration with a jet pump, a full warranty on jet applications and enables consumers to leverage Mercury’s best-in-class dealer network for service,” said Kris Neff, Mercury Marine vice president of global category management. 

The Jet Power inboard, available only in drive-line applications, boasts exceptional control with Adaptive Speed Control and a quiet ride with an aft facing throttle body.  The engine brings MerCruiser’s built for the water design to inboard jet applications which results in better durability and easier maintenance. 

Additional features of the MerCruiser V8 6.2L Jet Power 370hp Inboard engine include:

• Aft-facing throttle body which reduces intake noise; and optimized engine mounts isolate undesirable vibration;

• Top-front mounted service points make it easy to service your engine;

•  Adaptive Speed Control maintains engine rpm no matter the conditions;

•  Serviceable at Mercury dealers around the globe.


The Jet Power inboard engine has been present at several West Coast shows this boat show season and will be available for sale in May.

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