Malibu’s new Monsoon engines awarded for emissions rating

Malibu Boats announced its new engines, the Malibu Monsoon M5Di and M6Di have achieved the highest certification through the California Air Resources Board (CARB). The level five “Extremely Clean” rating makes the M5Di and M6Di the lowest emissions engines in the industry.

“Direct injection technology and the design of our exhaust with a three-way catalyst has allowed us to be able to calibrate to lower emissions than ever before,” said Scott Peterson, Malibu’s Lead Drivetrain Engineer. “We also have the only fully integrated heat exchanger in the industry, which includes the oil filter, transmission cooler and heat exchanger all on the closed-cooled circuit. This makes for unmatched durability in brackish or saltwater and lower engine temperatures for better efficiency.”

The level five “Extremely Clean” rating is at least 50 percent lower emissions than the four star “Super Ultra Low” emission rating. Malibu was able to achieve this industry leading feat by taking its engine production in house, custom developing a 70,000 square foot dedicated engine-manufacturing-and-test facility right next door to its boat building plant. This allows Malibu to control the entire process from start to finish and producing an engine that is cleaner, more efficient, durable and reliable than anything else in the industry.

With a host of additional innovations including its Front-End Accessory Drive (FEAD), which takes common maintenance components and moves them to the front of the engine where they are easily accessible for servicing and winterizing, Malibu’s new Monsoon M5Di and M6Di continue to raise the bar for the towboat industry.

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