DockMaster unveils mobile app for marine technicians

DockMaster is bringing the power of mobile to its current and new customers.

Technicians soon will be able to enter time on work orders using a time clock or time card and review their scheduled jobs while syncing with DockMaster.

DockMaster Mobile includes the following features:

Mobile Time Clock – gives technicians the flexibility to use a time clock function that tracks the actual amount of time expended on a job. Technicians can change the start time to increase accuracy and select work orders and their associated jobs (opcodes) created in DockMaster.

Mobile Time Card – allows technicians to both create new time cards and edit existing ones. Time can be entered either using Start/Stop time or Total Hours, depending on which method is selected in DockMaster parameters.

Scheduler – allows technicians to see what’s been assigned to them in DockMaster. Each task on the schedule shows a color-coded status, so technicians can see what jobs are Completed, In Progress or Not Started. When technicians are assigned jobs in DockMaster, they automatically appear in the DockMaster Mobile app.

“Our primary goal is to help our users and especially technicians streamline their time reporting process and extend the use of DockMaster with new mobile features,” said Cam Collins, president of DockMaster Software, Inc. “Bringing mobile functionality to DockMaster will elevate the overall user experience and increase efficiency by alleviating double entry”.

The new DockMaster mobile app will be available to dealers, marinas and boatyards first quarter 2019 and will be compatible with both Android and iOS (Apple) devices.

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