Nautique team helps rebuild in Puerto Rico

A group of employees and athletes from the Nautique Boat Company visited the island of Puerto Rico to help rebuild a home devastated by last year’s hurricane. Even after a full year in recovery, there is still plenty of work to be done in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria caused significant damage to homes, businesses and infrastructure on the island.

The group from Nautique took part in rebuilding a family’s home after they suffered a complete loss due to the severe winds. Team Nautique athletes Erika Lang and Jodi Grassman were on hand along with members from the Marketing, Manufacturing and Product Design departments working together to help rebuild the home.

One Nautique employee, Norberto Del Valle, is from the local area. “I was very grateful to be able to visit my hometown of Cayey and help rebuild after Hurricane Maria,” Del Valle said. “Although it was a humbling experience to see how devastated the area was, it was also rewarding to visit where I grew up and to lend a hand where we could. I’m very thankful to Nautique for giving all of us the chance to reach out and help people in need.”

“The mission trip to Puerto Rico was such an amazing experience,” said Nautique athlete Erika Lang. “To see how much we were able to do in only a few days was unbelievable. The family we helped was so appreciative of everything we did, and it really changed my perspective on things I take for granted in my own life. Being able to really make a difference for a family in need was such a rewarding feeling and I’m looking forward to the next service trip.”

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