Siren Marine partners with Rhode Island Freedom Boat Club

Siren Marin has partnered with Freedom Boat Club of Rhode Island to provide advanced monitoring and tracking capabilities for its fleet of boats at three popular locations across this seafaring state.

Siren Marine has outfitted the club’s fleets in three Rhode Island locations — Newport, Warwick and Portsmouth — with its advanced MTC Connected Boat System and SirenFlee Fleet Management Portal.   

This combination allows Freedom Boat Club to track the location of all of its boats in real time, while simultaneously monitoring a range of important factors such as battery condition, bilge pump activity, high-water alarms, engine hours, maintenance needs and more.

The ability to pinpoint where each of its boats is located, and understand the condition of key onboard systems gives Freedom Boat Club a new level of power when it comes to managing both its assets and its business. 

For club members, this technology provides the peace of mind of that comes with stepping aboard a boat that is constantly being monitored for assurance of mechanical and electrical systems “health.”  In addition, in the unlikely event of any problem on the water, member boaters can rest assured that the club knows exactly where they are and can fast-track assistance to their location.

“Our culture at Freedom Boat Club is to provide members with a fun, worry-free boating experience,” said Dick Cromwell, owner of Freedom Boat Club Rhode Island.  “We have equipped our fleet of boats with Siren Marine’s system.  The advantages the Siren Marine system provides are a safety net to our members in case of emergencies or inclement weather.  We always know where they are.  Also, the dock staff can manage their time well and be very responsive.  Knowing the boat is arriving allows for superior customer service.  The halo net Siren Marine provides gives peace of mind to members and staff.  Finally, the boat monitoring function allows us to know if there is trouble on board so we can address it quickly and efficiently. The down side of a boat sinking is enormous.”

The initial integration of Siren Marine Connected Boat technology at the three locations has gone so well, Cromwell said he plans to equip fleets at six additional Freedom Boat Club locations in Connecticut he also owns and operates.

Membership in Freedom Boat Club of Rhode Island also includes use of these boat fleets located in Branford, Deep River, Mystic, Stamford, Stratford, and Westbrook, providing members with access to boating enjoyment across the important region of the Northeast coast.

“Freedom Boat Club is an ideal use-case for our Connected Boat technology,” said Siren Marine founder and CEO Daniel Harper.  “Members have unlimited access to a fleet of boats to enjoy when they want and how they want.  One of the big advantages of the club is that it delivers the fun and family enjoyment of boating without any of the worry or stress.   This is a goal we also share, making the business relationship between Siren Marine and Freedom Boat Club a natural one,” Harper added.   

According to Harper, Siren Marine is looking at ways to expand this relationship with Freedom Boat Club in active discussions with both regional and national offices.

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