Nautique dealers join new marine 20 Club

Today, Nautique dealers across the nation joined a Garage Composites’ 20-Club that discusses best practices, transactional data and industry news.

Garage Composites offers 20 club and training services and works with more than 350 dealerships in North America. 

Nautique dealers plan to examine all departments in the 20-Club, with a special focus on their sales department. This concentration will be in a format that identifies if a dealership is taking full advantage of its in-store traffic.

The new 20-Club will begin to meet this fall and continue their efforts toward overall improved store profitability three times a year.

“During the 20-Club meetings, Garage Composites assists dealers in identifying and setting goals to optimize each dealership’s unit sales potential,” said Sam Dantzler, president of Garage Composites and a longtime contributor to the Marine Dealer Conference & Expo.

“The Nautique ownership experience is curated by our network of dealers,” President of Nautique Greg Meloon said. “We have partnered with Garage Composites to provide the 20-Club experience creating an environment of continuous improvement and strategic excellence.”

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