Axis Wake Research announces new A22 towboat

Axis Wake Research recently announced the latest version of the A22, a new performance watersports towboat for 2019.

The A22 — the first model released from Axis Wake Research — has been redesigned for 2019 for a new look inside and out. 

The new A22 seats 15 people. It also comes complete with a pickle-fork bow, Wake Plus hull, upgraded stereo, new Surf Gate design, new sliding Axis Skybox seat with an optional backrest, and a redesigned helm seat to give the driver the ability to easily interact with the flow of activity from bow to stern.

Buyers have the opportunity to customize the boat by adding the optional Axis Performance Surf Package (P.S.P.), which includes the new Power Wedge III, Surf Gate with the Surf Band, and Triple Hard Tank ballast. 

Also improved for 2019, Power Wedge III is the company’s patented hydrofoil that offers full adjustability and versatility for riders of all levels. Power Wedge III allows the driver to instantly change the shape and size of the wake at the touch of a button. Fully adjustable positions can make your wake huge for advance riders or smaller for the beginners, with the new model offering riders more positions for 2019. When it’s time to get on plane, Power Wedge III automatically saves gas by moving the Wedge into lift mode, getting the boat on top of the water faster with five more degrees of lift for 2019.

Surf Gate offers riders a surf wave on either side of the boat with the touch of a button and without moving any weight. While surfing one side of the wave, the rider can switch Surf Gate to the other side in three seconds with one touch of Surf Band. This allows for transfers from side to side with no miscommunications. Combine the hard-tank ballast with the optional Plug ‘n’ Play Ballast System—which adds up to 1,500 pounds of ballast in the rear storage lockers—and up to 450 pounds of ballast in the bow to create a fully customizable wake or wave for every kind of rider.

For comfort, the A22 offers available Soft Grip flooring in the cabin and the helm.

“The all-new 2019 Axis A22 is the perfect boat for family and friends to enjoy in an eye-catching package. The quality matched with the advanced, new technology was perfectly crafted for everyone to have an unforgettable time of the water,” said Eric Bondy, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Axis Wake Research and Malibu Boats.

Buyers can make the 2019 Axis 100 percent theirs with customization options of 27 gel coat choices, five different stereo packages, and two additional vinyl textures to create a one-of-a-kind Axis A22 boat.

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