Lund launches new Impacts for 2018 line-up

The new Lund Impact 2018 line-up includes a redesign of the fishing-focused 1675, 1775, and 1875 Impact models, and also expands the XS series with new 1675 and 1775 models, which will join the company’s redesigned 1875 and 2025 models.

Built with Lund’s IPS hull design, the full Impact line-up features a pronounced center keel, double-riveted seam construction, two reverse chines and a flat rear center pad.

In addition to adding length and width for more cockpit space where needed, the new Impacts are updated with a wider and more robust gunnel that includes an external rub rail for added peace of mind while docking the boat.

There’s also a lighting track that is integrated into the gunnels for added light while fishing at dusk.

New black consoles have a VesselView dash option, which gives the boats a sporty look without sacrificing functionality. The VesselView unit replaces the gauges on the dash and can also act as a GPS fish locator or a second unit for hardcore anglers.

Multiple storage options include under-console drawers, side storage, and port and starboard rod storage. There’s an enhanced center rod locker to accommodate longer rods, and a new handle storage system that keep rods secure and in place while traveling through rough waters.

The primary differences between the regular Impact and the Impact XS are the rear seating configurations, ski pylon option, bow cushion option, and an integrated top hider in the XS version.

The XS has a built-in rear jump seat to easily allow for multiple passengers or extra seating. The 1775, 1875 and 2025 all seat six passengers in the cockpit, while the 1675 has seating for five passengers.

The ski pylon and bow cushion options in the XS transform the fishing boat into extra sport for family fun during the peak temperatures of the day.

All Impact models have a large bow deck with a center and side rod lockers, which gives anglers more fishing space, while also offering ample storage for fishing gear.

There’s also a bow livewell with an optional baitwell to ensure your bait of choice remains active during a long day of fishing. A 37-inch livewell is includedon all models.

On the aft deck, anglers will find the integrated jump seats on the XS, or they can choose a rear flip seat option on the standard version, which converts the back deck into a larger casting area as well as adding two additional seats. 

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