Centurion introduces Fi23

Centurion announced it has released the Fi23, an entry-level priced wake boat.

“With its aggressive lines, extra wide bow and taper towards transom, the Fi23 makes a distinctive impression even from the dock. On the water, it’s the kind of ride that will ruin your tolerance for lesser boats. Once you step up, it’s hard to go back,” the company said in a statement announcing the boat.

The boat is built with a new Opti-V modified deep-v hull designed to mix the maximum surf wave displacement and ride quality advantages of a deep-v with balance for a symmetrical wake.

The new Split HD Touch Vision dash is designed to enable customers to control as much as 4,850 pounds of ballast, along with the two-second transfer of QuickSurf Pro and fast, flat takeoffs of QuickLaunch. With available RAMFILL, the Fi23 can fill in 45 seconds to create waves and wakes.

Because Centurion designed the Fi23 to offer “an entry-premium price boat,” some of the technology and luxuries that reside in the Ri Series have been taken out of the Fi or made optional. The company says these changes can’t suppress the luxurious interior and exuberant ride customers will experience, however.

For more information, visit www.centurionboats.com.

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