RBFF awards nine state grants

The Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation on Tuesday announced nine programs in seven states will receive funding through its State R3 Program Grants, now in its third year. The program funds sustainable and replicable angler and boater recruitment, retention and reactivation (R3) initiatives that focus on increasing fishing license sales and boat registrations to help achieve 60 million anglers in 60 months.

“Our state agency partners will be critical in helping us reach that 60 million angler milestone,” said RBFF President and CEO Frank Peterson. “This grant program assists each grantee organization in improving its angler R3 activities, leading to a more active base of anglers and boaters, and more available funds for conservation programs.”

The recipients of the grants:

  • Georgia Wildlife Resources Division – Digital Marketing with Georgia]
  • Idaho Department of Fish and Game – Idaho Angler Retention Program
  • Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife – Using Direct Mail and Email to Retain Anglers
  • Maryland Department of Natural Resources – Maryland License System Improvement Grant Program, Es Mi Parque Program
  • Michigan Department of Natural Resources – Engaging Michigan’s First-Time License Buyers, Engaging Michigan’s Lapsed Female Anglers
  • Minnesota Department of Natural Resources – Minnesota Lifetime Angling Retention
  • Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife – 2017 Annual Trout Fishing Derby Promotion

All grantee programs fall into one of three focus areas: implementing angler/boater retention or reactivation strategies utilizing RBFF’s Toolkits, improving the capacity of agencies, and/or testing innovative marketing strategies. In all, $136,300 was awarded to grantees through the 2017 State R3 Program Grants. Proposals were reviewed and selected by RBFF staff and a Proposal Review Working Group made up of industry Board members, Federal agency and NGO representatives.

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