Centurion Boats awarded patent for dash system

Centurion Boats has been awarded a patent for towboat control with the Side by Side High Definition (SxS HD) Touch Vision dash system in the Ri Series.

The SxS HD Touch Vision consists of two high definition screens that team to display related content when needed or show two separate sets of information. The screens are angled in the dash to allow the driver maximum visibility of the SxS HD Touch Vision System and the water ahead. The SxS HD Touch Vision System can be navigated with the eight push buttons surrounding the screens or by touching the screens.

“This level of relentless innovation can only come from an engineering team who lives the towboating lifestyle,” said Paul Singer, president of Centurion & Supreme Boats. “It’s one thing to sit in an office generating models and simulations. It’s quite another to use Centurion boats with your family on a regular basis to spur development. Our team lives it and that dedication results in patented innovations like the Side by Side HD Touch Vision.”

Click here to read more about the system.

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