Mid-Atlantic Superyacht Marketing Committee aims to increase business along Chesapeake Bay coastline

In an effort to increase business and attract boaters to Chesapeake Bay, 14 regional organizations have come together to form The Mid-Atlantic Superyacht Marketing Committee working with the United States Superyacht Association.

Comprised of representatives from Avon-Dixon Insurance Agency, Baltimore Marine Centers, Cape Charles Yacht Center, Chesapeake Bay Magazine, Coastal Properties, Marinalife Magazine, Marine Trades Association of Maryland, National Harbor, Oasis Marinas, Ocean Marine Yacht Center, Suntex Marinas, Trans-Atlantic Agencies, Triton Marinas and the U.S. Superyacht Association, The Mid-Atlantic Superyacht Committee will work to position the bay as a destination for superyachts, which are boats larger than 80 feet long.

“Unique historical sites with deep maritime heritage dating back to the 1600s and quaint towns dot the bay’s coastline and are easily accessible by boat. Large yachts can access the bay through the C&D Canal from the North and the mouth of the Bay from the South as they travel to and from their winter and summer ports of call,” said Jay Dayton of the U.S. Superyacht Association. “Attracting these yachts will have a significant impact on local economies as they provision, fuel and tour the region.”

Many ports of call such as Baltimore and Annapolis, Md.; Cape Charles and Portsmouth, Va.; and National Harbor, D.C., feature facilities large enough to accommodate large yachts. With the passing of updated Bay Pilot regulations, which state that Bay Pilots are no longer needed on vessels under 200 feet with a draft of less than 12 feet and a boat sales tax cap, Maryland has made it more inviting for large yachts to visit its waters.

The worldwide superyacht industry is valued at approximately $32 billion dollars supporting over 6,000 businesses and roughly 260,000 jobs, with a single vessel over 180ft generating over $4 million in estimated annual expenditures. The Mid-Atlantic Superyacht Marketing Committee is striving to build the region’s market share and enhance its competitive position in this highly sought after global market.

For more information about The Mid-Atlantic Superyacht Committee, visit www.yachtingthechesapeake.com.

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