TruPlug awarded damages in Forespar suit

The Orange County Superior Court has awarded TruPlug more than $500,000 in damages in its lawsuit against Forespar, the company said Tuesday.

TruPlug sued Forespar, a marine products distributor in Rancho Santa Margarita, Calif., claiming Forespar breached its exclusive distribution agreement and started selling its own emergency marine plug in lieu of TruPlug.

The jury found that Forespar breached its contract; the jury rejected Forespar’s counterclaim against TruPlug, and released TruPlug from its exclusive distributor agreement with Forespar. With no inventory available, Forespar now has no ability to sell TruPlug’s patented products in the marketplace, TruPlug said.

“The original and patented TruPlug is a true innovation in the marine industry. For the last four years, we have provided captains and crews with a critical tool in their safety toolkits. Boaters have embraced the TruPlug and the TruPlug mini as the safest, most effective and easy-to-use plug on the market,” said Henry Goldman, COO of TruPlug. “We would like all of our marine dealers to know that the TruPlug it is now available for immediate delivery directly from our company.”

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