Miami International Boat Show parking passes now available for purchase

MIAMI – Parking passes are now available for the 2016 Progressive Insurance Miami International Boat Show at the Miami Marine Stadium Park & Basin on February 11-15, 2016.

Pre-paid parking is available in a number of convenient spaces for exhibitors, including on Virginia Key off Arthur Lamb Road near the show entrance; mainland parking at the American Airlines Area and Miami Dade College, which includes shuttle bus or water taxi service to the stadium on February 11-15; and pre-paid valet parking with valet service at the show entrance. Reservations are required ahead of time for the Virginia Key and valet parking services and can be ordered online prior to the show Prep-pay online is encouraged for the mainland parking.

Parking passes are made available through ParkJockey. Exhibitors can purchase parking and will receive hang tags in the mail for the rearview mirrors of the vehicle, which will be color-coded specifically. The hang tags will be tied to a specific license plate and are intended to be per day per car, but can be turned over to a different vehicle on a different day if it is a multi-day pass.

Exhibitors are encouraged to order these as soon as possible to ensure they will arrive on time. Hang tags will begin mailing out on November 1. There is no deadline to purchase but will no longer be available once they are sold out.

The new location provides a significant increase in parking availability. At the Miami Beach Convention Center, MIBS was able to offer 2,500 parking space for exhibitors and consumers; this year, the show will offer 10,000.

The show will provide free and easy access from mainland downtown Miami hotels via water taxi and shuttle bus in downtown, Brickell and Coconut Grove area hotels. Exhibitors can download the map now and print it at

All transportation systems and services will be available for both consumers on show days and exhibitors with expanded service, including move-in and move-out. Services will include water taxi, shuttle bus, tri-rail, metro-rail, metro-mover, and Freebee. MIBS will be utilizing public transportation as well. The Park & Ride Metro Rail to the Vizcaya Station will connect users to a shuttle bus to the show.

Water taxi and shuttle bus service will run every 15 minutes during peak morning and evening hours with continued service all day. Users are encouraged to use the water taxi and shuttle bus service for coming and going during the show, even if they have a parking pass.

A map of all locations for water taxi and shuttle bus service.

A map of all locations for water taxi and shuttle bus service.

Freebee offers free electric car taxi for short in-town distances compliments of MIBS and is available for in-town travel to and from hotels and water taxis or around Coconut Grove, downtown Miami and Brickell areas. To request rides, passengers can select the Take Me to the Boat Show button on the home screen of the Freebee mobile app.

Transportation schedules will be available in the hotel lobbys. Exhibitors and consumers can scan QR codes on their mobile phones for the schedules for all of the shuttle and transportation services.

MIBS will also provide limited scheduled service during move-in on Wednesday, February 10 starting at 6:30 a.m. and continuing through 5:30 p.m. Exhibitors who wish to arrive early should contact the Miami International Boat show to make arrangements. More information on staging and move-in will be available on the show website on October 1.

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