Follow-Up: Marine employee sentenced for stealing aluminum

COLVILLE, Wash. – Chris Boring was sentenced to six years in prison for stealing and scrapping $200,000 worth of aluminum from his employer, Hewes Marine.

The sentence is two years more than the prosecution recommended. The judge said that Boring was “remorseless and relentless” when he stole 360,799 pounds of sheet aluminum from the company, according to a report in the Spokesman-Review.

Boring was trusted supervisor at the company, and the thefts nearly bankrupted the business. He was also in charge of investigating the thefts and laid off workers when the financial burden of the thefts were too much for the company.

Boring pled guilty in July to aggravated first-degree theft and aggravated first-degree trafficking in stolen property. His wife, Judy, was convicted of aggravated second-degree trafficking.

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