Yacht Controller appoints Ward’s Marine Electric as master dealer

CORAL GABLES, Fla. — Yacht Controller and Ward’s announced a partnership where Ward’s will function as the master dealer for sales and service of Yacht Controller systems to retail and wholesale customers in South Florida as well as government entities.

The alliance between the companies is expected to increase Yacht Controller’s growth and sales, according to a company statement. The partnership also better-serves customers in southern Florida.

“With our increased customer demand, we are pleased to partner with Ward’s expert team to better serve our customers and expand our high level of professional and expert service. Ward’s 60-plus years of extensive marine electric services in the boating industry worldwide makes them an ideal strategic partner for Yacht Controller,” said Gerald Berton, president of Yacht Controller.

“The sale and service of Yacht Controller Systems furthers our objective of maintaining our position as the premier provider of electrical parts and service in the marine industry,” said Ward Eshleman II, president of Ward’s.

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