BoatUS urges boaters to speak out on project that jeopardizes GPS

ALEXANDRIA, Va. – BoatUS is calling for boaters to voice their opinion against a proposal by a private company that would use radio frequency bandwidth next to existing GPS radio bandwidth, jeopardizing future GPS systems across the United States, according to a BoatUS release.

Boaters have until July 30 to voice their opinion on the Federal Communications Commission conditional waiver, which was granted in January, permitting the broadband wireless communications provider LightSquared to expand their land-based use of mobile satellite spectrum, according to the release.

Lightsquared’s ground-based transmissions from their existing stations have shown to cause interference in “hundreds of millions of GPS receivers,” according to the release.

“This is a remarkably short comment period for an issue that has such dire consequences for America’s boaters and every other GPS user in the country,” BoatUS Vice President of Government Affairs Margaret Podlich said in the release.

Boaters can raise their concerns by visiting

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