MarinaLife partners with

BALTIMORE, Md. –, an online concierge and trip planning service for boaters, has joined in an affiliate partnership with, a fishing and boating website which helps users learn, plan, and equip for a day on the water, MarinaLife stated in a press release.

“Marinalife really closes the loop with what the Take Me Fishing campaign provides — is a great information site and this partnership allows online visitors to complete their experience by using tools to make reservations,” Joy McPeters, president of, stated in the release.

The partnership between the two will increase awareness of boating in general and provide boaters the tools and resources necessary to get the most out of their time on the water, the release stated. The missions of and are both aimed at making it easier for people to boat in order to increase participation in boating.

“The more information and tools that boaters have at their fingertips, the more enjoyable and hassle-free their boating experience will be—and that’s how we keep people on the water,” Frank Peterson, president of the Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation (RBFF), the organization that hosts, stated in the release.

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