Strictly Sail Miami returns to traditional venue

MIAMI – Strictly Sail Miami is returning to its traditional venue at Miamarina at Bayside in 2011 to meet the needs and preferences of exhibitors and attendees, according to a release from the National Marine Manufacturers Association. The show will continue to be held in conjunction with the Miami International Boat Show, Feb. 17-21, 2011.

Strictly Sail Miami made a temporary move in 2010 to Sea Isle Marina, co-locating with the in-water power portion of the Miami International Boat Show.

“While Sea Isle Marina was a needed move to address industry demands in 2010, the return to Strictly Sail Miami’s traditional home at Miamarina at Bayside is the most logical and favored location for the sailing industry and enthusiasts,” Kevin Murphy, Strictly Sail Miami show manager, said in the release. “We’re thrilled to be returning to Bayside, a venue that has proved ideal in providing one place for everyone to reap the maximum benefits of an all-sail show.”

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