Cook Composites and Polymers announces price increases

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Cook Composites and Polymers (CCP) said Thursday it will institute a $.06 per pound price increase for all gel coats and unsaturated polyester resins. In addition, the company reported that vinyl ester resins will increase $.09 per pound. The new pricing will be effective with shipments made on or after Feb. 7.

The company said the recent escalation in raw material costs used to produce the products is driving the increase.

“CCP acknowledges the impact these actions have on our customers and as such continues to implement cost reduction strategies to help minimize their effect,” Ken Moran, vice president of sales and marketing, said in a release.

Headquartered in Kansas City, CCP has manufacturing facilities throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico. CCP affiliates include TOTAL, Cray Valley, Sartomer, Reacciones Quimicas, Peninsula Polymers and Progress Plastics, among others.

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