NMMA to take boat shows online

CHICAGO, Ill. — The National Marine Manufacturers Association is developing a new Web site to provide online lead generation services to boat dealerships that exhibit at NMMA shows, the group reported in a release this week. The site, BoatShows.com, will be launched later this year.

The site will provide the platform for individual lead generation applications that will be extended to all NMMA show Web sites starting this fall, according to the group. Dealerships that use the site will be able to feature products they’re selling, obtain consumer-generated leads and schedule appointments to take place onsite at a show.

Dealerships that exhibit at NMMA shows will be able to feature their current inventory, new and used, on the Web site for free. NMMA boat manufacturer members will also be able to use the service at no cost.

“We call it the NMMA Advantage,” Carl Blackwell, NMMA’s vice president of marketing and communications, said in the release. “We’re blending online with onsite — bridging the gap between the way consumers shop and search online with the crucial in-person, onsite experience of our boat shows.”

Additional details on the site and its lead generation applications are expected to be announced in early summer. NMMA said it is partnering with Channel Blade on all back-end programming.

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