NMMA solicits online ethanol comments

CHICAGO, Ill. — The National Marine Manufacturers Association recently sent an action alert asking industry members to submit comments to the Environmental Protection Agency arguing against increased ethanol blend levels.

The alert is in response to a formal petition to the EPA from the group Growth Energy, which requests a waiver under the Clean Air Act to increase ethanol blend levels in gasoline up to 15 percent by volume.

A 30-day comment period on the issue lasts until May 21, and the NMMA is asking its members to write in during that time. The group has set up a Web site here that links members directly to the EPA, and NMMA says it will provide a template for comments to EPA in the coming days.

“As you all know, marine engines are designed and certified to run on not more than E10, the current legal allowable blend limit,” the NMMA said in the alert. “We ask you to support a science-first approach and urge EPA to deny the ethanol industry’s E15 waiver request unless and until independent and comprehensive scientific testing is completed on a full range of marine engines and other products.”

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