IMI adds climate-change conference

WARWICK, R.I. — The International Marina Institute has added a new one-day conference called "Our Changing Coastline: Understanding the Facts, the Fiction, and the Reality," the group reported this week.

"This conference will provide a unique opportunity for the marina industry to review known facts with leading scientists, to learn about the growing set of policies coastal states are considering in order to deal with sea-level rise and to begin building industry-specific responses," said Jim Frye, president of IMI's parent group, the Association of Marina Industries.

AMI reported that its long-term goal is to positively affect policies as legislators consider them while building a "repertoire of good practices for marinas and boatyards to implement as the situation evolves."

The conference is designed for marina owners, operators and managers, but IMI said the agenda is relevant to anyone who manages a commercial property on the waterfront. More information is available on AMI's Web site.

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