Maine show attracts nearly 6,000 attendees

PORTLAND, Maine – The Maine Boatbuilders Show, now in its 22nd year, was once again a success, attracting 5,967 visitors to interact with the 1,800 people representing 205 exhibitors, organizers told The Ellsworth American for an article published yesterday. The three-day show ended Sunday.

When added together, total participation was up 1 percent, according to Phin Sprague, owner of Portland Yacht Services. Attendance has dropped about 4 percent from its five-year average, he told the newspaper.

“The recent years have reflected a consolidation in the economy,” Sprague was quoted as saying. “We’re very happy to have been this strong. It demonstrated to me that with a little belt tightening and more digging to be a destination for buyers and knowledgeable boaters, we have the formula to continue to be an asset to our builders and other exhibitors.”

As the show has evolved, the diversity of both the exhibitors and attendees has increased, according to the newspaper. While most exhibitors are from Maine, some travel from as far away as Washington and Colorado, as well as many states in between and four Canadian provinces. Along the same lines, attendees were mostly from Maine and other Northeastern states; however, one attendee traveled to the show from Seattle, and several came from Southern states as well, the newspaper suggested.

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