Yamaha Marine University to offer more online training

KENNESAW, Ga. — Yamaha Marine University will use the Web to deliver business management training to its nearly 2,100 dealers in an effort to reduce travel time and expenses for the dealers as well as internal costs, the company reported in a release today. Yamaha began offering online education courses in September.

Starting this month, YMU will deliver a series of seminars using WebEx, which will allow YMU instructors to talk to students and present PowerPoint slides, it stated. In addition, YMU will hold a series of teleseminars (described by Yamaha as a radio talk show over the telephone) for dealers.

The first teleseminar will cover new product information and is scheduled for March 24 at 4 p.m. YMU will host several additional webinars and teleseminars throughout April and May, covering a variety of dealership management topics.

There will be no cost to the dealer for participating in the YMU webinars and teleseminars, and Yamaha will soon post a schedule of available business management education topics on the Yamaha Marine Business System. Possible topics include how to sell in a slow market, how to get a dealer’s name to show up on a customer Web search, how to deal with ethanol-related fuel issues, and how to keep internal costs down without sacrificing service to the customer, according to YMU. Registration will be available on YMU Online.

YMU technical training will continue to offer instructor-led classroom education because it requires hands-on experience, the company said.

Last year, a three-day live seminar held in both Las Vegas and Orlando, Fla., hosted fewer dealers than in previous years, according to YMU.

“Dealers cited travel cost and time away from the office as the reasons why they couldn’t attend,” said Martin Peters, Yamaha's manager of communication and dealer education. “We had to find an alternative solution for dealers as they adjust to leaner times. We also have to offer instruction that more closely matches dealers’ needs.”

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