BoatU.S and ValvTect form new discount program

ALEXANDRIA, Va. – Through a newly formed program, boaters can now go to or to find marinas offering BoatU.S. member discounts on slips, repairs and ValvTect Marine Gasoline and ValvTect Marine Diesel with BioGuard. and ValvTect will also work together to explore environmentally sound programs that are designed to improve dispensing and use of fuels in the marine environment, they reported in a recent statement.

The BoatU.S. Cooperating Marina Program is a marketing program open to all marinas, fuel docks, and marine service providers at no charge. According to BoatU.S., there are approximately 900 marine facilities currently participating in the program. BoatU.S. provides marketing exposure via local signage, national print and Internet media as well as a co-op advertising program for local media outlets in exchange for a discount for its 600,000 members,

“Our members really utilize this money-saving benefit, and by providing information on the availability of ValvTect Marine Fuels, we will further enhance the value of our program,” said Jim Schofield, director of the BoatU.S. Cooperating Marina Program. “In addition, our Cooperating Marinas will benefit from additional exposure on ValvTect’s web site.”

According to BoatU.S., the Certified ValvTect Marina Program allows selected marinas that provide clean, safe and environmentally conscious fueling facilities to market ValvTect Marine Fuels. In addition to supplying ValvTect Marine Gasoline, all certified ValvTect Marinas must have their fuel storage tanks tested for water, bacteria and other contamination up to twice a year as well as other quality control requirements.

“We are extremely proud to join with BoatU.S. to provide the nation’s boaters an easier way to identify marinas that offer both BoatU.S. member discounts and ValvTect Marine Fuels,” said Jerry Nessenson, president of ValvTect Petroleum.

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