RIBCRAFT expands to meet growing demand

MARBLEHEAD, Mass. - Rigid inflatable boat manufacturer RIBCRAFT is expanding its production facilities to meet the growing demand from professional and recreational customers, the company reported this week.

"As most boat builders are scaling production way back, we are fortunate to be growing and expanding,” RIBCRAFT President Brian Gray said in a press release. “More and more recreational boaters and marine professionals are turning to RIBs because of their inherent efficiencies and superior performance over solid sided boats. The marine industry is in trouble with most segments reporting decreases of as much as 40 percent from the previous year. The exception is the RIB market. This latest increase in production capacity will enable RIBCRAFT to continue to meet our growing demand."

The expansion will allow for increases in production and improvements in manufacturing efficiencies, according to the company. Its corporate offices including sales and marketing will move into the same building from their current location about a mile away.

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