Closed Mold Alliance formed

ARLINGTON HEIGHTS — Composites One announced today that it has worked with several industry leaders to form the Closed Mold Alliance, which is designed to serve the composites industry by providing composites manufacturers a complete closed mold solution including introduction and education, quality tooling, materials, equipment, and implementation consultation and assistance.

The alliance believes that this achievement marks an unprecedented turning point within the industry and that it will impact the future development of closed mold applications.

The Alliance is comprised of four companies: Composites One, providing raw materials and products from more than 400 industry suppliers; Magnum Venus Plastech, a meter/mix equipment manufacturer with specific expertise in closed mold processes; RTM North, a leading Light RTM tooling expert; and FormaShape, a division of Whitewater Composites, a showcase RTM volume production facility and light RTM tooling manufacturer with expertise in both closed mold tooling and closed mold FRP production.

The Alliance is expected to initially offer manufacturers closed mold education and expert consultation. A series of closed mold-related educational programs are also being developed into Closed Mold University, which is expected to provide practical, hands-on learning. Additionally, the American Composites Manufacturers Association (ACMA) is developing a Closed Mold Certification program, and it is intended that the two programs will complement each other and together afford the best and most thorough education in the industry today.

“By creating the Alliance, we can offer composites manufacturers the complete package of training, tooling, materials and equipment to meet the needs created by technological developments and environmental concerns,” said Leon Garoufalis, President & COO of Composites One. “We are very pleased to come together with MVP, RTM North and FormaShape. With our combined expertise, we will be able to provide the industry an effective road map to closed mold success.”

“Magnum Venus Plastech is excited to be a part of the Alliance because we can now offer closed mold manufacturers a total solution,” said Jeff Austad, Vice President of Sales & Distribution.

“While closed mold processes have been available to manufacturers for many years, companies like Composites One, MVP and RTM North have helped build the reputations of these processes as ones that are both economical and more environmentally efficient than open molding,” said Peter Jeffrey, FormaShape President. “That is why we converted to closed mold several years ago and have become the leading volume closed mold production company in North America with our own design, R&D, and mold shop capabilities. Now, as part of the Alliance, we will be able to offer other companies complete closed mold technology and support.”

Further adding to the Alliance will be RTM North. Known for many years as the experts in Light RTM tooling and education, they have been aligned with Composites One over time and have been integral in creating interest in closed mold within the industry.

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