Midwest Industries lays off 80

IDA GROVE, Iowa – Midwest Industries, manufacturers of ShoreStation boat hoists, ShoreLand'r boat trailers and Genuine ShoreStation boat docks, has laid off 80 employees, the Sioux City Journal reported in a story this morning.

Andy Brosius, president and CEO of Midwest Industries – based in Ida Grove, Iowa – told the newspaper that the nation's economic downturn and a significant drop in sales were the reasons for the layoffs.

The layoffs came among employees who worked in the areas of production, support and administration, the newspaper reported, and represent more than one quarter of the company’s 280 workers in Ida Grove.

"We basically just had to readjust our workforce to match up with the current and future expectations for sales that we see," Brosius said.

Company officials told the newspaper they hope they won't have to lay off any more workers, but said it all depends on how the economy continues to affect sales.

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