Cabo undergoes second round of layoffs

ADELANTO, Calif. – In its second round of layoffs this year, Cabo Yachts laid off 45 salaried and hourly employees last month, bringing its total number of employees to about 220, according to an article Friday in The Daily Press. Its first round of layoffs involved 49 people let go in May.

“We’ve had a number of efforts to reduce costs and to mitigate the reduced sales activities within the U.S. marine market, but unfortunately it hasn’t been enough,” Brunswick Corp. spokesman Dan Kubera told the newspaper.

Brunswick acquired Cabo Yachts in 2006, but Cabo certainly hasn’t been the only boat builder at Brunswick impacted by the industry slowdown.

“We realize that we have long-term need to fashion a smaller and more agile organization that will be able to prosper and effectively compete in the current market conditions, and even more so with the market upswing,” Kubera told the newspaper.

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