The Bénéteau Group reports an “outstanding” year

MARION, S.C. – The Bénéteau Group said 2008 has been an outstanding year for the company with sales for FY 2007-08 expected to meet the targets it set before the financial crisis that began in July 2007, with €1,087 million, representing like-for-like growth of 8 percent, according to a recent release.

The positive performance reflects the dynamic strategy the company said it has successfully implemented in the pleasure cruising sector.

The Bénéteau Group will introduce the public to many its 20 new models (sailboat and powerboat) for the coming year during the fall boat show season.

The company said it has “an ambitious strategy” for the 15 to 25 meter powerboat market. Over the last few years, the Bénéteau Group said it has developed a complete range of Fly and Express launches up to 15 meters and that those units have been “a resounding success.”

The Group said its ambition is “to ramp up its offering to include 15 to 25 meter units.” And drawing on its know-how for building boats up to 50 feet, it aims to take on new expertise for product development, industrialization, sales and marketing. The first units will appear on the market by 2010, the company said.

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