Bertram Yacht partners with VideoRay

MIAMI – Boat builder Bertram Yacht has formed an exclusive partnership with VideoRay LLC, a remotely operated vehicle manufacturer, the company reported in a recent statement.

Beginning May 2008, the VideoRay will be available to all Bertram owners through the Bertram Web site and will also be offered as a pre-wired option on new Bertram yachts, according to Bertram.

Weighing eight pounds, the VideoRay is deployed overboard and can be operated by a single person with a remote control from either the salon, the docks or even from land. Once deployed, the ROV captures live video that is transferred over to the high-definition television screen located on each Bertram yacht.

It is designed to capture any underwater study including diving or an overall hull inspection to check the condition of a boat’s props, rudders or anchor placement. Various models are available with depth ratings from 500 up to 1000 feet. A grabber arm is available to recover items on the seafloor – dropped sunglasses, keys, tools, or ancient treasures recently uncovered in Caribbean ports, according to the company.

Bertram has also teamed up with Underwater Investigative Technologies, which was chosen as the third-party consultant for all of the training and support surrounding the VideoRay.

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