Midwest dealer sponsors public boat auction

CRYSTAL, Minn. – Midwest boat dealer Crystal-Pierz Marine will sponsor a first-of-its kind public boat auction this weekend in the Twin Cities to try and spark sales ahead of the state’s fishing opener next month, the company reported in a release this week.

Boat owners can participate in an open-to-the-public auction and instantly sell their used boats, while buyers will be able to take advantage of bargains on fishing boats, runabouts, pontoons, tow boats, pontoon trailers, boat trailers, top brands, new, used and repossessed boats, Crystal-Pierz said.

“This is the time of year we’re typically preparing for the season-opener with beefed up staff and resources in anticipation of boats sailing out the door. But this economy is different. So we thought try different,” said Luke Kujawa, president and CEO of Crystal-Pierz Marine. “This year’s opener has many would-be consumers actually looking for quick cash in contrast to actually spending money. For spenders, it will take huge bargains in order to get them to part with their cash…so we thought we’d basically create our own economy for a day and see how it plays out.”

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