Dockominium conversions rising

CHARLESTON, S.C. — Over one-third (38 percent) of respondents to a survey of marina managers by Applied Technology & Management, Inc. (ATM) currently have at least some dockominiums at their marina, the company reported in a statement today.

In addition, survey findings indicate that dockominium conversions are likely to increase. Dockominiums, defined in the survey as “boat berths that are owned or leased for 50 years or more,” bring in significant revenue for marinas, but some have criticized the practice for its potential to drive middle- and working-class boat owners out of the marina market, the company stated. For the most part, however, marinas that have converted to or added dockominiums are happy with the results, it added.

Among the survey’s findings:

  • 23 percent of respondents are considering adding (or converting to) dockominiums in the future
  • 15 percent of respondents have rackominiums (owned drystack berths)
  • 18 percent of respondents have dockominiums for megayachts
  • Another key finding of the survey is that a shortage of slips is fairly widespread, ATM stated. About 71 percent of respondents said there was a perception of a slip shortage in their area for at least certain-sized vessels. Most respondents were from the Southeast (34 percent were from Florida), but a number of marinas in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic area also reported local perception of a slip shortage.

    “These findings highlight the need for communities to ensure that boaters continue to have access to the water,” said Sam Phlegar, senior vice president and director of ATM’s Marine Division. “Many cities and towns will have to devise plans to expand opportunities for boaters to berth their vessels in order to accommodate existing and rising demand.”

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