Windsor Craft seeks dealers

MINNEAPOLIS – The Windsor Craft Yacht Company has identified several key markets in which it will begin looking at potential dealers, the company reported in a release last week.

Genmar Holdings reintroduced the Windsor Craft line last summer, almost 20 years after the company first began building the boats in Little Falls, Minn.

“In the first year, production boats were sold and serviced exclusively by factory personnel, hand picked by Genmar Chairman Irwin Jacobs himself,” the company wrote it its release. “With demand increasing, the time has come to appoint a handful of dealers, as exceptional and distinguished as the boats themselves.”

The company has plans to display the boats at over a dozen boat shows this year.

"I have always had a special place in my heart for unique, classical wooden boats," Jacobs said. "They remind me of a time when boating defined elegance and refinement. Boats such as the Windsor Craft take me back to a more cultured past in our country's history, which is quite a distinction."

The company said it encourages dealers to contact the Windsor Craft Yacht Company to learn more.

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