Get some bang for your buck

To really track how well your advertising dollars are working for you, it’s not enough just to ask your customers what brought them into the store anymore. There are sounder ways to track how many dollars you bring in for those you spend in particular advertising venues.

The most predominant way to track return on investment is to contract with a company that can provide a slew of toll free numbers and create reports about the numbers’ usage. Legendary Marine (Ranked 52) purchased 75 toll free numbers from Who’s Calling, which the dealership rotates through its media initiatives. Clarks Landing Boat Sales (Ranked 41) does the same through CallButton.

Having a call to action included with ads can also help dealers track the response they get. Mount Dora Boating Center and Marina (Ranked 91) tracks its new advertising avenues by offering purchase incentives and a timeline to react.

Dealers can also track the effectiveness of their Internet spending. Through its Web services provider, MacCallum’s Boathouse, Inc. (Ranked 94) can track how often consumers visit its Web site, how often they return, what pages they visit and for how long. With Marine Web Services, Causeway Marine (Ranked 48) can also find out what area code and zip code Web views are coming from.

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