CCP, Reichhold to increase prices

KANSAS CITY, Mo., and RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C. – Cook Composites and Polymers and Reichhold, Inc., will soon each be increasing prices, the companies reported in separate press releases recently.

CCP said it will increase prices $.07 per pound for all resin and gel coat products it manufactures, effective on all categories of these
products shipped on or after July 9.

“Rapidly rising raw material costs combined with the continued escalation in transportation costs have forced this change,” said Paul Colonna, CCP’s vice president of Composites. “Costs of styrene, phthalic and glycols have increased far more sharply than originally projected. Prices for maleic, DCPD, and NPG, as well as natural gas, have also increased. We would prefer that this trend in today’s marketplace was not occurring, but the reality is that it is happening, and we are not able to absorb all of these large, abrupt and wide-ranging cost increases.

“We remain committed to providing quality products and quality service to our customers. Part of that commitment includes keeping our customers alerted well in advance of these needed adjustments.”

Reichhold increase
Reichhold said it would increase prices $ 0.07 per pound on all unsaturated polyester and vinyl ester resins sold in North America for the composites industry effective for all orders shipped on or after July 1.

“Raw material costs have continued to escalate, driven by tightened supply and increased demand for many of the feedstocks used to produce key raw materials,” said Al Naser, Reichhold vice president of sales, composites
North America. “In addition to competing applications and global market demands, critical feedstocks are also used as fuel additives to boost octane levels. Increased raw material costs combined with increased energy and
transportation costs have compelled Reichhold to implement this price increase.

“Reichhold is making every effort to limit the impact of these escalating costs upon product pricing and appreciates the understanding of its customers as we work through these challenging periods. We continue to invest in technology and innovation to increase the value we bring to our customers and the markets they serve.”

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