Climb a different kind of pyramid

Hall Marine Group’s (Ranked 4 in 2006) Planning Pyramid Organizer is reviewed and updated monthly by the company’s executive team, organizing critical information and plans and assigning accountability.

“This is our plan, our roadmap,” says Jeff Hall, president of the Lake Wylie, S.C.-based dealer. “It gives us direction, purpose and sense of accomplishment when we complete and achieve success. Before this, we would focus on issues that came up as they came up. Now we can focus on issues that we need to in order to help us remain and become more successful.”

This incredible document addresses everything from SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) analysis-style information to accountability for action plans. It establishes goals and the challenges the dealership may face in reaching those goals. Not surprisingly, for a company that is on a never-ending quest for improvement, it cites nearly twice as many challenges as it does strengths.

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