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For the past five years, Crowe Marine (Ranked 77 in 2006) has boosted business in February – traditionally one of the dealership’s slower months – by offering a “February Pre-Spring Tune-Up Special.” A mailing to the entire four- and five-year-old customer base offers a $100 discount on all tune-ups done during the month. The promotion has been well received, as customers can avoid the longer wait times that come during busier months, and also helped generate the business additional revenue.

In the fall, when Duchow’s Boat Center (Ranked 42 in 2006) might not be able to winterize a boat immediately, it brings customers’ boats in, drain them immediately, and gives customers half price on storage until its service techs can get to them over the next three or four months. Customers usually take that deal, whereas, in the past, if Duchow’s had told them to come back in three or four months, it would lose that business.

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