Hatteras expands closed molding

NEW BERN, N.C. – Boat builder Hatteras Yachts is expanding its resin infusion operations to motoryacht hulls up to 72 feet in length, resin supplier AOC reported in a statement yesterday.

In its progression into resin infusion, the company is getting help from AOC’s technical support and Hydropel resin technology.

“Compared to hand-laid fiberglass, the resin infusion process gives us more consistent part quality,” said Chris Walker, manager of Structural and Composite Engineering for Hatteras Yachts. “Improved part-to-part consistency ensures a more precise fit of bulkheads, stringers and other structural components. And the higher glass-to-resin ratios associated with resin infusion increases component strength while lowering overall part weight.

“All these factors translate into a winning combination of better performance and fuel efficiency for the customer,” Walker continued. “And because resin infusion is a closed molded process, emissions in the workplace and into the environment are almost completely eliminated.”

Hatteras Yachts is a licensee of SCRIMP (Seeman Composites Resin Infusion Molding Process) technology from TPI Technology. Hatteras’s initial experience with the process started with bulkheads, athwartships, soles (decks), and other parts. Before transferring its resin infusion experience to hulls, the largest infused part was a 265-square-foot deck, according to AOC. A newly designed 60-foot sportfishing convertible was selected for the first resin-infused Hatteras hull. After establishing resin infusion experience with the 60-foot hull, engineers and the work crew were ready to infuse the hull of a 72-foot motoryacht.

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