Southco acquisition to benefit domestic clients

MELBOURNE, Fla. – Southco has expanded its line of products for the boat building industry with the acquisition of Westend Marine, a Netherlands-based marine OEM sales representative and distribution company, a move the company said will benefit all of its customers.

This acquisition will not only provide a one-stop-shop for European OEM boat builders shopping for hardware, it will help the company develop products with new styles and features for its U.S. boat builder clients, according to Richard Hipp, general manager of Southco Marine.

“Southco’s growing presence in markets outside of North America, primarily Europe and, to a growing extent, Asia, benefits domestic boating OEMs by providing them with exposure to market trends in other areas of the world, such as finishes, functionality, shapes, colors, safety regulations, etc.,” Hipp said in a recent interview. “As Southco Marine works with European boatbuilders to develop products for their markets, Southco can then take that experience and expand it into other markets, like the US.

Hipp also pointed out that exports are becoming a bigger part of North American boat builders’ business, especially those making high-end vessels.

“With a global approach to the industry, Southco products are now becoming recognized in all areas of the world to where these boats will be exported,” he concluded.

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