Powerboat sales down at least 5 percent

MIAMI – With the majority of powerboat sales for the year behind the industry, the comparison to the prior year looks pretty dismal. Info-Link’s Bellwether Report, which has been updated through August, seems to confirm industry reports that boat sales have been slowing.

“We estimate that August year-to-date numbers represent 84 percent of all the registrations that will occur in this calendar year, so the remaining new boat sales activity isn’t likely to have a significant impact overall,” said Jesse Wells, director of sales and marketing at Info-Link. “Therefore, it looks like the decline this year over last will be somewhere between 5 percent and 10 percent, at least for the total 15 ft-plus powerboat market.”

Wells commented that there are segments within the market, such as ski boats, that performed better than average.

The graphs, which are based on registrations of powerboats 15 feet in length and above, can be viewed online at: www.info-link.com/bellwetherreport.asp.

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