Cavileer Yachts offers dealers partial ownership

LOWER BANK, N.J. – Cavileer Yachts is launching a new program under which dealers will own a share of the boat building firm, it reported in a statement yesterday.

The company said this is a step that “could set the standards for all future boatbuilder/dealer relations.”

“By offering them a vested interest in the factory, dealers will finally become more involved in the manufacturing process,” said Cavileer President John DiDonato. “They will have more input in setting prices, developing new models and establishing company direction.”

Although DiDonato will be relinquishing some of his ownership role, he believes that the change is worth making.

“The end result will be a product built and sold by people working together as a team to achieve the same goal.”

Cavileer’s program is open to both new and existing dealers, and several are already onboard with the new plan, DiDonato said. As part of the restructuring, Cavileer employees will also be able to own a piece of the company.

Caviler’s dealer initiative resulted from the efforts DiDonato saw from the National Marine Manufacturers Association in trying to break barriers between dealers and manufacturers.

“The NMMA has worked very hard, but unless there are mutual benefits in the game for both parties and a long-term commitment with appreciating value, the partnership can never flourish. I think our program helps overcome the long-standing problems the two groups have had,” DiDonato said.

Cavileer manufactures 53-, 48- and 44-foot shallow-draft convertibles for fishing and cruising. A 63-foot model currently in the design stage would be the first joint manufacturer/dealer project, according to the company.

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