Info-Link predicts slight increase in new boat sales

MIAMI – Info-Link’s Bellwether Report for October at first glance appears to show a downturn, but that was likely influenced by California’s reporting inconsistencies.

“Registration data from California tends to ebb and flow from month to month and this month it appears to be ebbing,” explained Jesse Wells, director of Sales & Marketing at Info-Link. “If so, the backlog in new boat registrations may flow back into the picture next month bringing things back into line. As best we can tell, the longer term trend still suggests a slight increase in new boat sales this year compared to last.”

It is important to note that warm weather states like California, Texas, and Florida always have a big impact, but this effect is greatly amplified in the winter months since registration activity is heavily concentrated in the South, Wells added.

Graphical representations of the state registration data that makes up the Bellweather Report can be viewed at:

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