MRAA to offer new membership benefit

OAK PARK, Ill. – The Marine Retailers Association of America (MRAA) has signed an agreement with National Check Retrieval, LLC (NCRLLC) to provide free bank check recovery services for its members, the association reported in a statement this morning.

NCRLLC, located in Louisville, Ky., will take over for dealers on the collection of NSF (not-sufficient funds) checks. The service is free to MRAA members, and they will receive 100 percent of the check value upon collection. The check writer will pay all penalties, not the retailers.

MRAA members must only sign two simple pre-filled out forms to start this service, according to the association. Signs noting the use of the NCRLLC service will be provided to dealers.

“Dealers will no longer have to be bill collectors,” noted MRAA President Phil Keeter. “We are delighted to offer this service to our members from a company that has a collection rate of approximately 90 percent within 90 days after processing begins.”

To learn more about this benefit, go to, call Hency Bunner at 502-244-8924 or contact MRAA at 708-763-9210.

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