MasterCraft wins carbon monoxide lawsuit

VONORE, Tenn. – MasterCraft has successfully defended itself against a lawsuit involving carbon monoxide exposure, the company reported in a recent release.

The case centered on the design safety of MasterCraft’s boats, effectiveness of CO warnings and the responsibility of boat owners.

After hearing testimony from both sides, the jury unanimously decided that the MasterCraft boat was not defectively designed and that the warnings and owner’s manual effectively educated its owners, operators and passengers concerning the dangers of CO. MasterCraft said.

The undisputed verdict also confirmed the position of MasterCraft, the United States Coast Guard, National Association of State Boating Law Administrators and Water Ski Industry Association that teak surfing / platform dragging is an extremely dangerous activity and should not be engaged in under any circumstance.

“We let this case proceed to court out of principle and to validate all the work we do to promote safety,” said John Dorton, CEO and president of MasterCraft. “For years, we have led the industry in informing our public about proper boat operation because we want the MasterCraft experience to be fun and safe. The outcome of this case affirms we are doing a good job conveying that message.”

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