Simrad to serve Canada through Washington headquarters

LYNNWOOD, Wash. – Canadian sales, distribution and service activities for marine electronics manufacturer Simrad, Inc., will be handled through the company’s North American headquarters in Lynnwood, Wash., effective Aug. 22, the company said in a recent release.

“This move will ultimately strengthen our presence in the Canadian market as well as our relationships with Canadian dealers and boaters,” said Brian Staton, Simrad, Inc. president. “Instead of a small field office, the industry and consumers now have access to the manpower and considerable resources of our North American headquarters, resulting in increased access and improved response to Canadian market needs.

Staton emphasized that John Briand, general manager of Simrad, Canada, Ltd., will remain with the company, based in Canada, where he will play an important role in all Simrad’s operations north of the U.S. border.

Staton said an immediate benefit of the move would be quicker response to the needs of boaters and Simrad dealers across Canada’s expansive West Coast, given the proximity of Lynnwood – a suburb of Seattle – to the border and the western half of Canada.

The company said it would also establish one or more top East Coast Canadian dealers as regional service centers to better support the service needs of eastern Canada’s commercial and recreational boating markets.

Canadian Simrad dealers and customers will have direct access to service and support through a special toll-free 800 number at Simrad, Inc. headquarters, Staton said.

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